Launch – Grow – Invest

The concept of the TPH GmbH is based on each phase of development for a company:

• get started with CO:FORWARD
• grow your company on leased space
• and invest in your own property.

Currently, there are more than 100 companies with more than 2,500 jobs set up in the Technology Park, including the expansion site of Dornkaul. The majority of the tenants come from the technology and life sciences industries.

Founders, in particular, can profit, from this network with cost effective leasing space as well as from countless offers of advice and service.

10 factors for your success

Success factor 1 - Flexible and Cost Effective Leasing Space

Whether you need an office, a work station, laboratory, or production rooms, the TPH has flexible and cost effective leasing space available, with the option for expansion. >> more

Success factor 2 - Expert Support

Right from the start-up phase, we have been supporting technology founders, and we continue to be on hand for advice at the following Site.

Success factor 3 - Transfer of techology and knowledge

It’s not only the spatial proximity that strengthens the cooperative work between RWTH and FH Aachen as well as countless other institutes and businesses. For years, a lively transfer of technology and knowledge has been taking place here. The collaboration between the various fields of technology creates synergies and drives an impulsive movement towards development.

Success factor 4 - CO:FORWARD Business Incubation

CO:FORWARD - Taking off together! For technology or digitally based start-ups.

Success factor 5 - Qualified Personnel

Practically right at our doorstep, you will discover a wealth of qualified engineers and industry experts at your service.

Success factor 6 - Kindergarten

The day care centre TPHasen e.V. allows you to smoothly juggle your busy career and family schedule.

Success factor 7 - Sports Park

Sports park The largest sports facility in Euregio, provides you the opportunity to stay fit and de-stress after work by taking up a game of indoor soccer, badminton, or tennis.

Success factor 8 - Park Bistro

The Park Bistro offers a daily new lunch menu, while the restaurant spoils you with à-la-carte service as well as catering for all of your events.

Success factor 9 - Live, Work, Experience

Herzogenrath offers the optimal environment for housing, work, and leisure activities. Please click on the link to learn more about your location.

Success factor 10 - Top Location

At one end, you are at the heart of technology in Aachen, while just on the other side, await the motorways A4 and A44 as well as a number of larger airports, making TPH a first-class location for your business. To top this off, we are situated in the centre of Europe: Euregio Germany is a unique location bordering The Netherlands and Belgium, making international projects a seamless effort. .



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